Ways to Save Money on College Books

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On an average, college students in India spend at least ten thousand rupees per year on books alone. The cost has reduced as compared to the previous few years in 2015. Depending on what your major is, you can easily reduce the amount of money you spend on your college textbooks. Here is how you can save money on college books.

Stay Away from the Bookstore

Buying books from your college bookstore is almost the same as buying your groceries from the nearest petrol pump. If you are looking at convenience, then you would have to pay higher prices for everything. You may, however, need to pick up materials from the campus bookstore such as special packets prepared by your professor. You should otherwise look off campus for the books that you have been asked to read.

Buy Used Books

College students have always been purchasing used textbooks for many years. Also, they should not stop doing so now. Often, used books are in good condition and when you buy used books, you can save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on college textbooks. It is easier to shop for your college books when you use the ISBN numbers of the same.


You could simply share the book you are reading with the others. You could even split the cost of the textbook with your classmates so that all of you could read it together.

Go for E-Books

Today, many of the textbooks are available in the e-book format. You could either rent them or buy them so that it would work out to be cheap for you. You would be able to easily find e-books on almost any subject on the internet. The best thing about e-books is that you can easily navigate all the e-books.

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