The Process For Purchase

For Purchase:

We have tried to keep the purchasing process as simple as possible. We do not want to keep our customers waiting by making them fill out endless formalities. When you visit our website, you will be able to simply pick up a book, and in a matter of minutes buy it, and start reading it.

When a person buys books, he can place a direct order on our website, mentioning the name of the book and the address at which he wants it to be delivered. A person may buy as many books as he wants in a go, by adding books to the shopping cart. Payment can be
made through the secure payment gateway on the site, or one can opt for payment on delivery. Shipping is done in collaboration with some of the leading carriers in India, and is guaranteed to be on time. It normally takes anywhere between 3-7 days to get a book delivered, depending on the availability of the book and the location where it has to be delivered.

For Renting:

Before taking a book on rent, one has to make a deposit of Rs 500, towards membership fee and security amount. It is possible to take two books on rent at a time. On placing a new order, any of the books taken earlier will have to be returned. Delivery is made for books on rent within 2-3 days. Buyers can check the availability of books for rental service before placing an order. In case the books are lost or damaged, an amount will be deducted from the deposit at pro rate basis. A member can check his account details at any time on the site.