Our Vision

We have a vision that as many people as possible should inculcate the reading habit because there is much knowledge to be gained from reading a good book. We also try to reach as vast a spectrum of people as possible so that information is imparted to the society at large.

The idea behind the initiative is that people who wish to read the books before purchasing them can take them on rent. They will buy the books only if they find them to be helpful in the long run. Thus, our long term vision is to create many small libraries in the homes of our clients and spread the habit of reading good books.

Terms of Use

indianbookhut.com is an effort by a team of book lovers, who value books like close friends. We expect our clients to be equally caring towards books and ensure that the books are not damaged in any manner. This means that users have to comply with the following conditions:

  • they are not supposed to make marks, underline or write in the books
  • don’t spill liquids (tea/coffee/water) on the books
  • take care not to tear the pages
  • don’t keep the books in folded condition
  • avoid dog ears

To help the clients follow the conditions we provide proper packaging for keeping the books when you are not reading them. We also provide bookmarks with unique quotations, which make reading even greater fun.

In case clients fail to follow the terms of use for the books they have taken on rent, they will be liable to pay the entire cost of the book, i.e. they will have to buy the books if they damage it in any way.

Our terms of use are meant to make your experience better and inculcate good reading habits.