Our Team

We are a team of reading enthusiasts, who have been dreaming of building a library since decades. Moreover, our team members hold master’s degree in various fields and can suggest the most appropriate references to academic readers.

We have a team of professional librarians, who manage the vast collection and do all the tedious tasks, like filing and record keeping. We also have supply chain managers, who keep a track of all the books going out and coming in. they are responsible for ensuring that the books reach to our readers on time.

We have a vision to enhance the community of people who are helping to cultivate the reading habit in today’s youth. As such, we have also formed several satellite teams, which are based in schools and colleges. These teams comprise of young students, with an insatiable desire to read. They act as our eyes and ears, doing a sort of market research for the company. These members of our team gauge the demand for books and tell us which books we should include in our collection.

We have a team in place that is always in touch with what the customers are looking for, and that is why we go out of our way to procure the right books at the right time. Since the members love reading, and are fans of great writing, they know which books to keep in store.

They are volunteers and are not paid any salaries. Instead, they get the best of books to read, absolutely free. Hence, in exchange for the service that they provide us, they are gaining immense knowledge resources, as well as working with a diverse group.