Our Prices

The prices charged by the company for the books are quite reasonable, since the team is offering a flat 20% discount on MRP to all clients who buy books. An introductory offer of 15% less on rentals is also being offered for members of the online library.

We know that not everyone can afford to pay through the nose for the books that they wish to buy or the ones that they wish to rent. That is why we have kept the prices affordable so that all the people who have a desire to read can have their wish fulfilled on our website.

We charge nominal service charges for providing you access to the books and shipping the books to you. This is payable per month as per the quantum of services you avail.

Registration Fee

When you wish to buy or rent a book from us, you have to register as a member of the library. The Registration fee is a one-time cost that you have to incur in order to avail our services. We charge a fee of Rs 200 for registering you as a member of indianbookhut.com. On payment of the fee, you will be entitled to receive our services and get access to our collection of books for buying or renting. Moreover, this registration is refundable. So, once you wish to stop the use of our services, you will be returned the entire fee.

There is a simple process of registration. Just send us a few details like you name, age, gender, educational qualification, school/ college/ company, and the term for which you would like to take the membership. We will send a confirmation mail, after which you can make an online payment towards registration fee. The membership can be taken for a minimum period of one year, and can be renewed annually.