Kindle- Promising Hours of Easy and Comfortable Reading

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Do you know that when the Kindle was first released in the year 2007, it sold out in just 5 hours? Even since Kindles have remained the best sellers and have taken the e-book industry by storm due to their great features and quality. The sharp displays on the Kindle are easy on the eyes, all thanks to its glare-free touch screen. Kindle also features an incredibly bright light that makes reading in bed very easy.

Holding Thousands of e-Books

Kindle boasts of 4GB storage which enables it to hold thousands of e-books. Whatever the choice of the readers, they do not have to delete their stored books to add new ones. Instead, they can keep on adding more and more books to their device and read them as and when they wish. With the integration of a prominent social network site, now the readers can connect with other book lovers and get valuable book suggestions.

Via the Kindle Unlimited Service, you can get unlimited e-book supply at a minimal price per month. Additionally, you can even borrow books from friends or the public library. When you have finished a book and want to buy a physical copy as well, you can effectively utilize Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook program for getting the book at discounted price.

Constantly Increasing Market Share

With all the high-end features and benefits associated with Kindle, it has become much-loved device among book readers. In the words of experts, the share of Kindle in the e-book industry is increasing with the each passing day. The avid readers now do not have to use physical books or carry heavy laptops to read their favorite books. Instead, with just a lightweight and easy to use Kindle in hand they can enjoy hours of reading. Icing on the cake- readers can carry the Kindle anywhere and everywhere!

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