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Reading books is a hobby for many. Some people opt for books for enhancing knowledge, some for acquiring data, some for entertainment and some people for mere time pass. Though the objectives are different, reading happens to be their hobby. Apart from the desired results, there are some advantages of reading which has a positive influence on the mental health of the reader.

To begin with, reading initiates mental stimulation. The process keeps the brain active and there is very high possibility of preventing the brain from losing its power. To put it in medical terms, habit of reading can slow down or protect a person from Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. This provides one reason for how book enthusiasts lead an active life even when they turn octogenarians.

Another key benefit on focusing on books is stress reduction. Irrespective of the pressure on ones’ job, a book in hand helps to ease away the entire work load from the mind quite easily. It brings serenity within the reader which reflects in his decision making and problem handling efficiency in the long run.

Apart from enhancing knowledge, books improve the readers’ Analytical thinking ability. This can be induced by the reader by initially trying to analyze the plot. Exploring the characterizations of the story, examining the flow of the story, evaluating the language and writing style will aid in improving ones’ own analytical skills. Such characteristics will impact the decision making sense progressively. Supplementary benefit of such analysis includes vocabulary expansion.

Apart from such general assistance, the level of mental fitness can be improved based on what the individual reads. Books are available in many genres like fiction, self-help, cookery, travel, management, academics, historic, children books, biographies and a lot more. Reading spiritual books can bring about a state of tranquility and is said to bring blood pressure under control. Self-help books and biographies of great leaders provide a source of inspiration for all readers and help improve self confidence. Also, books on supernatural powers and characters enhance creativity and imaginative powers, inspiring the creator within the reader.

With such innumerable benefits, reading books should be a cultivated habit right from young ages. To avail all this, the cost factor should never be a hindrance for a book lover. To enable people gain easy access to a world of books, comes handy. Here, book readers are required to register themselves with a small registration fee. Once it is done, a reader can either buy or rent books on any genre and enjoy the pleasures of reading!

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