Is the art of reading dying?

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Has the social media revolution changed us completely? Do we prefer Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat over books? Has the online streaming made the reading culture in India not so common in India? There are so many answers, but we scarcely have answers to these questions. Technology has played a very important role in this transition. The mobile revolution has made it easy for the people to indulge in binge watching rather than reading a book after their hectic work schedule. It’s sometimes...

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Why choose a top level IIT JEE Coaching in Delhi?

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Without a doubt, accomplishing an IIT degree can skyrocket your engineering career and lay the foundation for future success! To move forward in this you need to begin at top level IIT JEE Coaching in Delhi. Each one of us is aware of the intensely competitive scenario that future IIT aspirants face and to combat this you need the best foundation and backing of information, knowledge and capabilities. IIT JEE stands for Indian Institutes of Technology – Joint Entrance Examination and is...

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