Is the art of reading dying?

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Has the social media revolution changed us completely? Do we prefer Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat over books? Has the online streaming made the reading culture in India not so common in India? There are so many answers, but we scarcely have answers to these questions. Technology has played a very important role in this transition. The mobile revolution has made it easy for the people to indulge in binge watching rather than reading a book after their hectic work schedule. It’s sometimes...

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Tips to Complete Your Self-Published Book Fast

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Be it any genre of writing: fiction, cookery, self-help, or management, endurance must be the key quality of any writer, as he or she strives to put in sentences and chapters, and then goes through the process of revision and editing to make the content more appealing to any reader. Authors of self-published books also go through this process. The dreaded “Writer’s block” can impact any writer at any stage of the writing, resulting in completion and publishing delays. Here are some useful...

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Ways to Save Money on College Books

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On an average, college students in India spend at least ten thousand rupees per year on books alone. The cost has reduced as compared to the previous few years in 2015. Depending on what your major is, you can easily reduce the amount of money you spend on your college textbooks. Here is how you can save money on college books. Stay Away from the Bookstore Buying books from your college bookstore is almost the same as buying your groceries from the nearest petrol pump. If you are looking at...

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Impact of E-Book on Different Stages of People

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Whether it is reading matter of a student, lecturer groundwork of a teacher, cookery recipes of a homemaker or business graph of a capitalist all can be read and learnt through a variety of books. Undoubtedly, we can say that books are our best friends no matter how old we are and which profession we own. With the heeding technology, it has become easier to solve all our doubts within a moment with E-Books. Hence, E-Books are now proved as a smarter mode of learning which hoards up the time,...

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Comparison and advantages of e-book reading versus traditional reading method

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It happens most of the times that you may be tempted to buy a lower-priced eBook over a physical copy, when you’re browsing the electronic bookshelves of an online bookstore. A research conducted by a group of experts has told that there has been 21% more rise in people count of America who read e-books this year. Ahead of buying either version still, it’s significant to realize that there are some advantages and disadvantages of each, where you should always weigh up your own needs before...

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Books – A gateway to learning about technology

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The world around us is changing rapidly. There is much that we do not know or understand. One fact of our lives that does not change is that technology is starting to play a more vital role in everything that we do. Right from the phones we use to the way we bank, technology has a hand in what we do and the process followed for completing the task. It is not unusual for people to become rather overwhelmed with the excessive gadgetry that permeates every aspect of our lives. One way of catching...

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