Fiction books

“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth.”― Khaled Hosseini

Fiction is in many ways a yardstick of an author’s creative imagination. A fiction is also a reflection of the author’s philosophy, emotional grit and strength, compassion and ethics. There is nothing better than relaxing with a juicy thriller or a romantic paperback. It is especially relaxing on those long stressful days. That is why we have a long list of impressive novels and fictional short stories for those days when you want to put your feet up, and have a good read.

Fictions can belong to any of these genres

  1. Commercial Fiction, which has a glimpse of many human emotions and reactions and has a broader appeal.
  2.  Literary fiction, which typically has a smaller intellectual class of fan following and is remembered for its use and play of language and the style of writing.
  3. Mystery fiction
  4. Romance
  5. Horror
  6. Science Fiction

Many of the fiction books are so well written that they inspire and motivate young generations even a century after it was written. One such book worth a mention is most certainly ‘The Fountainhead’ authored by Ayn Rand, written almost a century back which still remains a bestseller. The book inspires, motivates, and encourages readers for excelling in their chosen field, and reinforces the need to be honest to ones true calling.

Yet another beautiful saga of human emotions, victory over all adversities, unfailing determination is the book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. This in fact is a classic example of how true situations, circumstances can be beautifully captured in the form of a fiction which gave hope to generations. It is a classic tale of the journey from slavery to freedom.

Science fictions have for centuries inspired real life inventions, consider the classic ‘20,000 leagues under the sea’ and the invention of submarines. Even before NASA endeavored in Mission Mars, Sci-Fi had already taken its readers to Mars and introduced young minds to the concept of aliens.

We have an interesting collection of all genres of fictions, which are sure to help you grow on intellect, imagination, creativity.  Here is a list of our valued collection

  1. The Atlas Shrugged
  2. Short Stories by Maupassant
  3. Six great plays by Arthur Miller
  4. Sons and Lovers
  5. The Mine
  6. The Hungry Tide

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