Books are an Integral Part of Our Lives

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Books of different specializations help people in different ways. They give immense knowledge and are considered to be man’s best friend. Many people also indulge in book reading as a hobby to spend their free time or for leisure.

Purchase or renting books

Purchasing books

Books can nowadays be easily purchased from book stores or from websites offering book sale.

  • The payment process for purchasing books is totally safe and payment is done through a secured pathway.
  • Books purchased online are delivered on the door step of the person who has purchased it.
  • Another great feature with online shopping is that shipping is free of cost after a minimum amount of about 500 rupees.

Renting books

Many book stores and online websites also offer the service of renting books, which is a great way of reading books wherein you do not have to buy and can also read books at a nominal fee.

  • In case of renting, membership and security fee has to be deposited by the person who wants to rent and that amounts to Rs. 200.
  • The delivery for rental books is usually made within 2-3 days.
  • When you are placing a new order, the previous books have to be returned and that can also be done on delivery.

Different genres of book

There are different types of books to choose from. Demand for Cookery books is on a rise as many people nowadays are willing to learn something new every day. Then, there are management books, which helps people understand how to manage work at the office and how to manage personal and professional life simultaneously. This is how management books help. There are self-help books, which are meant to help people who feel less confident.

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