Any avid bibliographer or the peer designated “bookworm geek” will understand how expensive their hobby is. While book reading is considered as a highly beneficial and enriching activity, owning books comes for a steep price, especially when you do not endorse the gray piracy market.

Thanks to the conveniences of purchasing books online, you no longer have to worry about taking a long trip to the bookstore. You can now purchase all the books that you need from the comfort of your home or from the cubicle at the office with a simple visit to our website.

While libraries, have for long tried to provide low cost reading pleasure to the avid book reader on a budget, it comes with its own deficiencies. To start with, due to limited stocks of popular titles one has to endure long waiting times to get them. Many times, there are the insensitive library users, because of which, you might end up getting tomes with fold lines, markings, coffee stains, or worst torn pages. Moreover, you can never own the books how much ever you would want to.

Hence, several times people prefer to purchase and own their tomes rather than settle for sub standard reading experience. However, a bibliographer’s woes do not stop here. Even when you decide to buy the books, choosing the books that you really want to have as keeps is difficult. While most make the choice based on the books reviews and summary given on the back cover, these are not always fool proof.

To help all the book readers around the word, Indian book hut has started the innovative model of first rent and then own. Book enthusiasts can now rent their favorite books from an array of classics and new titles and read them to their satisfaction. Later if you feel like owning these books for the long run then you can always buy these books from us for a nominal charge.